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Our Team

Carolyn Cruden – Thrives on challenges, loves business startups and reorganising!

Carolyn, aka 'Boss Lady', owns Find a Phone Pty Ltd. She wanted a kickass Virtual Business Administration and Support Solutions business that helps people like you to achieve your dream business.

The Find A Phone team is personally known to her as she wants to help her extraordinary friends become successful.

She'll be the one you talk to when you contact Find a Phone. She splits her time between helping businesses market and sell themselves and her own clients.

Carolyn was born and bred in Canberra, ACT, Australia. She left at 23. Spent eight years in Sydney, ten years in Melbourne, and somehow ended up back in Canberra! She blames her husband! So we'll say Carolyn and Simon are based in Canberra, Australia, for now :) She has 27 years of experience in so many areas it would take forever to write them all down. Let's just say she's expertly awesome at admin, business startups, organisational wizard, project management, loves helping businesses create new, streamlined processes for their work, and everything in between.

Her favourite boss of all time, Maurice Falcetta of Trinity Law, says, "I could not recommend Carolyn highly enough. Intelligent, organised and very diligent" We think that's pretty cool! She's worked in law, media, Australian Government, real estate, small business, big business. She's worked for some pretty kickass CEO's. She's worked with amazing clients in cutting edge industries. She was a high achieving real estate agent consistently topping the sales for any company she worked for. She's been through tough times as well as the good times. She will relate to you and understand where you are coming from!

Do you need any more? Contact us today because you'll love every minute of working with Find a Phone.

Simon Hiscock – Eats Analysing Businesses for breakfast!

With six years in sales, ten years as a Marketing Director, six years as an Optus World franchisee and five years as a Business Analyst, Simon is well placed to provide any assistance you require to help take your business to the next level.

Simon is incredibly patient, has the patience of a Saint in fact. He's great with clients, and can really nut out what you are after.

If you need help with a kickass marketing plan, some HR advice, systems and process plans, or you just need some help categorising and contacting your customer database, then you need to grab a couple of hours of his time and get your business moving!

Simon is based in Canberra, ACT, Australia and he likes to escape to the golf course, both in Canberra and Melbourne (and his home club The National Golf Club on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria), but we usually find him and drag him back :)!

Kristie Mitchell – Reliable and so damned good at what she does!

Kristie is an amazing all-rounder but also has a desire to learn new things! That's why we wanted her on the team … we knew that she was going to be an amazing VA — and Kristie hasn't disappointed. She has awesome administration skills and is so reliable, is a fast worker and whips up brilliant presentations. She has spent the majority of her career providing amazing business administration support in major Government Departments, from the bottom to the very top! Now is the time for her to share her expertise and skills with the rest of the world!

With her Diploma of Government in Contract Management and Project Management, Kristie is a great asset for any business to utilise.

Organise your time? Project/ Contract Management? She can smash those tasks out of the park! She can do some really handy other stuff like manage your meetings, chase up clients for you, take your calls and so much more stuff there is not enough space to share. And for some reason, she doesn't know something, she is damn well going to learn it and come back with an awesome result.

Based in home town Canberra, ACT, Australia, Kristie has a particular interest in social media management, event management, research and project management (that's a lot of management!) and brings along her past experience in client services, Executive Assistant skills and major organisational skills to go above and beyond your expectations - which is why you want her as your VA! Get in touch to see how Kristie can manage your business.

Jono Swift – Gen Y Extraordinaire

Jono is your typical Gen Y teenager – social media savvy, an awesome photographer, and a handy "Boy Friday" in the Find A Phone office. Jono spends his time playing the guitar, skateboarding, taking way cool photos, working at his Saturday job at DW Music and offering advice – especially when we don't need it!

Jono has an amazing eye for detail and comes up with really creative ideas. With Jono's assistance, we think it rounds off Team CC due to the fact that we are getting cutting edge ideas from the Generation that doesn't stop surfing the web, one step ahead in all forms of marketing, uses every gadget under the sun, and knows what people want.

Jono is based in Canberra, Australia – much to his chagrin. He'd rather be living in London studying Law and travelling around Europe. One day Jono!

Kim Williams - Let Kim whip your business into shape!

Kim has a strong administration background from over 15 years of experience working in the education and defence sectors as well as government and small business. One of her biggest strengths is being able to organise both people and events to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Kim's ability to steer a business towards a certain goal while working on the business as usual is a highly valued trait.

Kim is based in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, with her seriously awesome family, and her puppies :)

David Thomas – Website Guru

David Thomas is a well-respected IT Engineer with 18 years of IT experience in support, administration, risk management, policy and procedure development and high level troubleshooting combined with all levels of business IT support. We just had to have him working in Team CC. We wouldn't take "no" for an answer!

With another 5 years of experience in high quality web development and consulting to a high level, he consistently delivers functional, effective and engaging websites suited to your business.

Using this experience and incorporating all the latest technologies and industry standards combined with quality graphic design, ensures your online presence becomes an effective tool for your business. David is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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