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Remote Business Assistance

Need a hand with running your business smoothly? We can help! Welcome to Find A Phone, Australia’s one of the biggest virtual assistance companies offering administrative, financial, marketing and any other guidance remotely.

Decrease Costs, Increase Efficiency

If you are interested in hiring professionals who can digitally and using modern means can provide assistance and a boost to your business, we are the people for you! Since we have helped many service providing companies in the past, your addition is welcome and we know what we are doing.

Hiring employees and keeping them in an office is a challenge for many business owners. You pay overhead costs and need to take care of them. However when you have a virtual team of professionals, all these concerns and costs are not present. Pay for 100% productive work only. You don’t have to pay for staff salaries, nor provide a work space, they do not pay super, tax, holidays, sick leave. It is known that VA’s are a very powerful tool to have in your business. Your business cannot do without one!

Imagine all the free time you’ll have once you’ve handed over all tasks related to administration, marketing, business planning, policy implementation, reducing operational inefficiencies and much more, so you can be free to work on your business! How quickly could you grow your business if your overall business operation was under control?

What can Find A Phone do for you?

You’ve worked enough in your business. You know you need help. Imagine how much time you’d free up with a bit of expert help? Imagine how much time you’d now have to do what you are best at … selling your business and servicing your clients.

Find a Phone works in two ways:

1. Administration Assistance

- We do the tasks in your business, while you work on your business.
- We are all your admin staff that you need, without the headache of employing staff.
- Find a Phone consists of a team of professional administration experts who have worked in all major industries and in all administrative and business fields.

2. Kickstart Your Biz

- We will TRANSFORM your business by delegating and leveraging.
- We have business mentors who have brilliant marketing tactics and techniques to show you how to set your business up for the success you’ve always wanted.
It will work for you if you are a business owner who is eager and prepared to push their business to the next level.


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Run Your Business Smoothly!

We will work with you on your business by providing administration assistance to free you up to work on your core business. Then we will kick-start your business, by using our unique marketing techniques for accelerating the growth of your company by streamlining, delegating and leveraging your business that work.

We help you transform your business into the business that you’ve always dreamed of.

It is worth investing 30 minutes on your business to find out just what you need to accelerate your growth, get more time back so you can work on your core business and lead your ideal lifestyle. Let us show you how!

If You Have Requirement For A Virtual Assistant In Australia, Please Get In Touch With Us.

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