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Do you run a business, or are you thinking of starting one?

Then get YOUR FREE 30 Min "How Find a Phone Can Work With You Today" Consultation! At Find A Phone, we provide high-end virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and whoever has a need of a digital assistance.

Increase Operational Efficiency

We at Find A Phone are dedicated to improving the operational efficiencies of our clients. Whether you are looking for a human resource manager, sales & market experts, financial guidance, designing solution or any other assistance for running your business smoothly and profitably, we are happy to help! Give us a chance to take care of your administrative and business operation needs remotely.

One-Stop Destination

Considering we have a team of versatile professionals with years of experience and a remote network of verified & qualified specialists, we serve as a one stop destination for all your virtual assistant requirement. From business start-ups to individuals running a venture, we have the resources to help anyone and everyone with policies, management, planning, projects, events and much more. We are just a call away for most of our clients.

No Overhead Costs!

What’s the best part of hiring us as your virtual assistant? You don’t have to pay for overhead costs because you are not keeping a physical team at your office or place of work. All the assistance we provide is virtual and our team members often work from home. By availing our services, you can get solutions and work done efficiently and only pay the service cost and not the cost of taking care of employees.


Understanding Virtual Assistance

Pay Only For 100% Productive Work

Think of all the staff needed for a company to run efficiently and get the assistance they can provide virtually! At Find A Phone, we provide high-end virtual assistant services to renowned businesses like BCIC, offering Best End of lease cleaning Sydney, NSW and helped them in creating, updating and maintaining their databases, CRMs and do a lot more to save productive hours. If you want to boost the revenues of your business, then hire our Virtual Assistant Service. It will be the best decision you ever make and once you have assistance you won’t regret it!

After the pandemic, more people started operating their business remotely and working from home. This time enabled many to realise that they don’t need someone to physically be present in front of them to manage their schedules, accounts, meetings and other things. Thus, we have witnessed a surge in our clientele because more entrepreneurs, managers and individuals need virtual assistance. Many service industry businesses use our services to attend after hour calls in their behalf. For example: Bond Cleaning in Brisbane uses our services and gain over around 8-9 leads after hours on daily basis and even more on weekends improving their sales by over 78% throughout the week for a minimal charge.

What Can We Do?

Avail Our Services Now!

We have superior set-up to provide solutions digitally and it is easy for us to meet the requirements of people for a reliable and affordable virtual assistant services.

Office Support & Administration

Gain clarity by having us look after the small stuff that keeps your business running smoothly! Let us take care of the little things so that you can focus on your business better and ear profits.

Projects, Presentations & Event Management

We can provide assistance for presentation preparation, board reports preparation, project management, event planning, co-ordination, management and execution, research, and more.

Help Emerging Businesses

Learn how to delegate and leverage your business to bring in more money than you ever thought possible. We can provide business support, guidance and administration assistance at affordable rates.

Social Media & Standard Marketing

Without internet or traditional marketing, you are not making every cent possible. Without Social Media you’re missing a massive reach to your market. With our help you can make a strong digital presence.

Account Management

We can provide assistance with Budgeting and forecasting, bookkeeping, filing, invoices, weekly, monthly, yearly financial overviews, budget projections, forecasting and actuals and debt collection.

Systems, Policies & Procedure Running

So you are working as efficiently as possible, and leveraging your world but need assistance with managing and implementing systems, policies and procedures? Don’t worry, we can handle it all!

Why We Thrive?

Tap Into The Potential Of Remote Services With Us

If you are looking for virtual assistance, we have are the right place. We have a huge team of experienced and skilled people who specialise in administrative work and can provide their services remotely. They can help you manage your business or job by fixing appointments, making necessary phone calls, managing travel related things, answer to emails, and do much more. What’s more, you can hire our people with special skills too like graphic designing, content writing, marketing, bookkeeping, social media management and a lot more!

We do the tasks IN your business, while you work ON your business.

Being Australia’s leading virtual assistance company, we emphasise on resolving your doubts using the digital platform. You can hire our professionals who can virtually offer quality assistance and boost your business. Most companies have more to-dos than they can even imagine. At Find A Phone, we take these tasks and give you the time as well as freedom to focus on growing your business scale. Our clients include all the big names in different industries like the best removalists in Brisbane, online portal for buying & selling business & more. With our guidance and expertise, you can do what can help you become the leading entrepreneur in the industry. You can give us a call and we will support your business operations virtually, and that’s our promise.

We are all your admin staff that you need, without the headache of employing staff.

Find a Phone consists of a team of professional experts who have worked in all major industries and in all administrative and business fields.


Administration Assistance

We provide top-class virtual business administration support services to various companies including Bond Cleaning in Melbourne that possess a team of professionals who perform the Best End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.


Managing Teams Remotely

We are open to use all our innovative techniques to manage multiple teams remotely. We have taken their business to the higher level in a short time span. We will transform your business by delegating and leveraging.


Kickstart Your Business

We have business mentors who have brilliant marketing tactics and techniques to show you how to set your business up for the success you’ve always wanted. We understand the struggles of running a new company. Thus, we can provide the assistance you need at each step. Additionally, we recommend you to visit commercial property 2 sell online portal if you want to buy a spacious and affordable commercial space. There you can find 1000+ Commercial Real Estate Listing in Sydney and other major cities of Australia

Why Choose Us?

We are The Best Virtual Assistants in Australia Clientele

Our Story

We will show you how to accelerate the growth of your company by streamlining, delegating and leveraging your business so you can earn more money than you thought possible whilst freeing you up to work with more clients, and spend quality time with family and friends. We have worked with many investors who wanted to invest in business for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane etc. Our team helped them make accurate proposals and acquire profitable businesses at low cost.


Our mission is to digitise the world of business and commerce. Already a host of things are done online over phones such as conferences, seminars, classes, business meetings and much more, so, why not administration? And after COVID-19 Pandemic stalling, one of the prestigious companies for End of Lease Cleaning in Canberra is one our Patrons helping us in testing our new technology which is in advanced stage. Since our establishment, we have steadily and stably expanded our business and helped business across the country. It was made possible because of our use of the latest technologies and due to our team of experienced, trained, and skilled personnel.


We are backed by professional with 5-15 years of experience, who are well-versed with using different technologies and interfaces developed by our company to help provide the best virtual assistance possible. Due to their excellent contribution and round the clock assistance, we have amassed a large client base. Some of them have been with us for years. One of the newest additions to our business are a reputed company offering the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. We have helped many service providing companies in the past. If you are interested in hiring professionals who can digitally and using modern means can provide assistance and a boost to your business, then get in touch with us now!


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